Uses of Bitcoin

Dubbed as the “digital gold for millennials”, Bitcoin became a mainstream concept of doing business in the 21st century. Companies, entrepreneurs, and businessmen won’t let the emergence of this virtual currency pass them by, so they made sure to their products and services would take part on the many uses of Bitcoin.  We know that everyone is searching the internet to have an answer as to what is Bitcoin. Remember that it’s essential to learn everything there is to know before you try to get bitcoins of your own.

Bitcoin is now considered as the cheapest and most convenient mode of payment. It has no physical representation so all your “digital wealth” is stored in your Bitcoin wallet before you decide when and where to use it, which means you also have to learn how to store bitcoins properly. To guide you, here are the top uses of Bitcoin:

Online Betting

Most gambling and betting sites are licensed and regulated, but the idea that the government is out of the picture still stands. This encourages players around the world to gamble on esports like League of Legends, mainstream sporting events, and casino games like slots and table games.

Lucky for you, most Bitcoin-exclusive sites allow anonymity. You just have to learn how to buy bitcoins and sell bitcoins, register on these sites, choose where you want to play or which team you want to put your bet on, deposit your Bitcoin, and feel the thrill of the game with a chance to multiplying your bitcoins.


With its growing popularity, over 100 thousand major stores worldwide started accepting Bitcoin as payment. We’re sure that the most familiar to you are Microsoft, Nike, and Starbucks. Another good thing? Sales taxes and transaction fees are not included on your purchases, whether it’s an online or physical store. The best things in life are indeed free.

It’s not widely accepted in this industry yet, but more and more businesses are added to the list every day. A majority of existing businesses that accept Bitcoin use QR codes to read the private keys on your Bitcoin Wallet and settle your transaction. - Uses of Bitcoin?


League of Legends is one of the best esports to watch right now. You now have the chance to maximize the diverse uses of Bitcoin and seize the bonuses and promotions these online betting sites provide.  Just find the best Bitcoin-accepting bookmakers offering bets for LoL and make sure you go through reviews of the top platforms to go to.