How to Store Bitcoins

Emphasizing the what is Bitcoin subject is of paramount importance. It’s a digital currency— not an object. It’s an encrypted address, not metal or paper. Though you still need something to keep it in place, it doesn’t work like your traditional currencies. If in real life, you choose the brand and the design of your wallets. When using Bitcoin, you choose the type and the security it offers. That’s why it’s necessary to understand how to store bitcoins properly.

Bitcoin wallets don’t just store your money but also the necessary information (such as private keys and address) needed to make transactions. You can’t send, receive, or transact without getting one first. There are no temporary pockets online, you need a Bitcoin wallet. Of course, learning how to store bitcoins properly goes beyond that.

As many learn how to buy bitcoins and how to sell bitcoins, there are millions of Bitcoin wallets created as a result. To bet on your most-anticipated LoL tournaments, join the community and create one. Of course, you need to choose the best Bitcoin Wallet to fit your needs.


If you want to access your Bitcoins on your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile phones, go for software wallets. This requires downloading the file or app that would be responsible for keeping your private data. You can use your bitcoins to transact or buy something as long as you are connected to the internet. The downside of this is if you’re not careful enough when storing your bitcoins, there’s a small chance that you might expose your wallet to hackers.

Another is the web-based wallet, which is slightly similar to software wallets because you can also link it to your mobile and computer devices. The main difference is it’s not an app or a file. In fact, it’s a website that you need to access every time you wish to transact. The advantage of this is it won’t take up any of your device’s memory. - How to store bitcoins

If you think that online wallets such as the two mentioned above are always prone to hackers, get a hardware or paper wallet that you can actually keep in your back pocket. Hardware wallets come in the form of flash drives, while paper wallets are the printed physical copy of your private keys and addresses. You can access both offline.

Properly taking care of your money is a continuous process. After choosing the right wallet for you and understanding how to store bitcoins properly, you’re ready to participate In the ultimate experience that Bitcoin LoL betting can give you.