Bitcoin Betting Exchange

It’s always challenging to bring your LoL betting to the next level, but a Bitcoin betting exchange makes it possible by allowing you to bet against other players. To increase your chances of winning, make sure you always stay ahead of the game by understanding first what is Bitcoin, how it works, and why is it revolutionary. We can all agree that knowledge is power.


The number differences may not be relevant right away, but the impact it will do to the game says otherwise.

You have total control here. You set the odds. You are the bookmaker. A Bitcoin betting exchange allows bettors to compete against each other with lower fees than your usual platforms because the site only serves as a place to interact with other players, nothing more.

The mechanics are very simple. You, as the bettor, will set up the event and the conditions. You will have to put down your wager and wait for other bettors to challenge you. Moreover, you have two tactics or betting options to choose from: “Back” or “Lay”. You can be pro or against something. Back bet means you’re betting on an outcome to happen, while Lay bet means you’re betting on an outcome not to happen. Of course, an agreement remains between bettors before the game begins.

Before you bet, always make sure you calculate the Bitcoin LoL odds and see if they’re favorable enough. You’re always liable for the outcome since you’re the bookmaker. Your chances of winning will always depend on your ability to place smart, unpredictable, and timely wagers. Now, we can all agree that with great power comes great responsibility. - Bitcoin betting exchange


You can already change the odds, but your rules are even more lenient with the inclusion of the advantages and uses of Bitcoin. Your deposits and withdrawals before and after you win the bet are faster than the transactions done with fiat currencies and credit cards. Bitcoin betting exchange sites will also charge you lower and lower fees once you stay loyal. Last but not the least and probably the most important one, you can enjoy the privilege of being the anonymous bookmaker.