Riot Names Spotify As Its Official Audio Streaming Partner

Riot Names Spotify As Its Official Audio Streaming Partner

While most League of Legends major tournaments is held online, Riot Games prepares for the next set of live tournaments post-pandemic. Riot recently named CISCO, a multinational technology conglomerate, as its enterprise networking partner. Now, the esports organizer tapped music streaming giant Spotify to become its official audio streaming partner for LoLEsports global events.

Naz Aletaha, Riot’s head of global esports partnerships, revealed the partnership in a press release yesterday. Recognizing music as a major part of LoL’s storytelling approaches, Aletaha said:

“Music and story-telling have become an intrinsic part of our sport and game, so we are excited to partner with Spotify to provide our fans with another platform where they can enjoy a new manifestation of League of Legends esports.”

June Sauvaget, Global Head of Consumer & Product Marketing at Spotify, serves as the link between the two companies for LoLEsports global events. Sauvaget promised to create a first-of-its-kind audio universe to all LoL fans across the globe through music and podcasts.

Partnership Terms

Spotify will now supply Riot Games with exclusive and original music and podcasts. The main priorities, according to Riot, are behind-the-scenes podcasts at the making of the Worlds anthem, the anthem itself, and a 9-episode series that highlight all stories from each year’s Worlds. The creative process involving the highly-anticipated hero track will be featured on Spotify’s Worlds Anthem Takeover, while the Worlds stories will be part of “Untold Stories: Top Moments from Worlds”. Listeners can soon stream and download recorded interviews, game highlights, and even sound effects.

For musical content, Spotify will produce curated playlists inspired by the League of Legends community, including the Official League of Legends and playlists for the upcoming LoL Worlds Championship 2020. Complementing the playlists is the upcoming League Esports Music Hub, a special page on Spotify that houses original LoL musical content.

Watch out for the release of new LoL podcasts and music soon. In the meantime, check out the existing LoL content on Spotify. Nine seasons of LoL’s game character and event theme music, as well as various themes for the World Championship, All-Stars, and Mid-Season Invitational, are currently available on Spotify.