Riot Games Shares Updates For Addressing Toxicity In LoL

Riot Games Shares Updates For Addressing Toxicity In LoL

Riot Games posted the second part of its plan to address toxicity, the ‘game-ruining behavior’ in League of Legends. The dev team addresses the issue on a monthly basis, so the community receives regular updates until Riot successfully eliminates toxicity in the game.

In a news posted today by Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon, the game director of League of Legends at Riot Games, the dev team explained the current steps they’re taking for the next update in the game. Here’s a quick summary of the update:

Progress From The Previous Update

Some of the dev team’s initial plans are sailing smoothly, particularly the notification and reporting features.

  • Report notification changes
  • Visibility at peak times double in most regions, quadruple in Korea; Visibility into penalties provides better detection and penalties
  • Reporting in champ select is set for patch 10.14
  • Muting in champ select may appear at the same time as reporting

New Findings

To get the pulse of the community, Riot runs post-game surveys about game behavior. These surveys can help the dev team identify different types of game behaviors, as well as their commonality and severity.

Most of the feedback came from social media. The results show that intentional feeding/afking and other in-game sabotaging behaviors are ‘clear outliers’. With that, Riot is dedicating more time to solve these issues. The dev team started working on the game’s existing int/afk detection and penalties with the following conclusions:

  • Riot relies too much on behavior in a single game very clearly crossing the line of what’s unacceptable. That means players can skirt the line repeatedly in many games without being penalized. The dev team needs to put a lot more focus on cross-game behavior as a result.
  • The game’s penalties for AFKing rely too much on queue penalties (like when a player dodges in champ select). Riot should be using other more significant penalties more often (e.g. temp bans) for players repeatedly afking/quitting.
  • Riot’s detection algorithms are too basic, over-relying on things like the raw number of deaths per game and player reports. The dev team should also be taking context into account a lot more when it comes to how we interpret certain actions.