Riot Games Reportedly Plans To Host LPL-LCK Event

Riot Games Reportedly Plans To Host LPL-LCK Event

As the majority of major League of Legends tournaments gets cancelled or postponed, Riot Games is preparing its back-up plan for the 2020 season. FOMOS and esports reporter Kim “kenzi” Yong Woo recently posted on Twitter that Riot is reportedly hosting an off-season event feauturing LPL and LCK teams.

Kenzi posted the announcement on his official Twitter account. In a thread, Kenzi summarized the information from his sources: “1, ahead of the summer season, an online event match will be held involving the LCK team and the LPL team. 2, Riot Games prepared for the event after the spring season. 3, It is different from the competition proposed by Joe Marsh and is expected to be officially announced next week.”

Backing Kenzi’s claims was Riot Games’ announcement after the cancellation of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). Riot said that they are preparing other temporary competitions to compensate for the cancelled events: “Due to the cancellation of the MSI, the offseason will be for about two months. We are preparing a temporary competition. Not many things have been decided yet, but details and schedules will be announced later on. We hope this event will be a great present for the fans who are struggling with [the current state of the world].”

League of Legends Pro League (LPL) and League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) are two of the biggest regional leagues of Riot Games and some of the most well-known names in LoL betting sites. They all lead to the MSI and LoL World Championships—which are both postponed until 2021. The ongoing playoffs of the two leagues are suspended, so all professional teams are taking a break.

Fans Speculations

Since Kenzi said that Riot Games will officially announce the complete details of the tournament next week, fans made their own speculations regarding the format and the list of participants. According to them, the tournament might be a showdown between the powerhouse teams of China and Korea or a mirror Rift Rivals-type tournament.

The current powerhouse teams from both regions are SK Telecom T1, Gen.G, DragonX, KT Rolster, JD Gaming, Top Esports, FunPlus Phoenix, and Invictus Gaming. We might get to see the teams or representatives of the teams at the event.