Riot Games Releases Plans For Preaseason’s Item Overhaul

Riot Games Releases Plans For Preaseason's Item Overhaul

Riot Games currently prepares for the 2021 Preseason of League of Legends. The Preseason begins in December, and the major updates for all items are a big part of the preparation. Here are the items included in the Preseason’s item overhaul:

Jungle Items

Riot will apply the same updates for the support role last year. Starting December, all Jungle items will be considered as starting items with no additional investments. Junglers can work on their items’ build by getting stats and resource bonuses.

Marksman Items

The new marksman items feature more strategic choices, agency options, and impact rates. Marksmen usually have many must-buy items from the store, so Riot will integrate more contextual choices for them. Additionally, Riot will introduce new marksman items that can work freely without the support of a coordinated team.

Mage Items

Mages can soon have a first item choice and new iconic effects. Riot will allow all mages to predetermine their first item choice for every meta based on the strongest item from their set. In other news, the new iconic effects in the Preseason includes fantasy items for artillery mages.

AP Fighter and AP Assassin Items

For rare champions, Riot offers tailored early build items. These AP champions have been borrowing from mage items. Soon, they can choose items based on their preferred patterns and stats.

AD Fighter Items

AD champions will soon have tailored defensive options and a diverse set of core items. Riot aims to expand on fighter-specific defensive items to give AD fighters more specialized options and improve existing items like Black Cleaver or Trinity Force.

AD Assassin Items

AD assassins currently have good item choices available for purchase, but Riot thinks they lack a wider pool of more situational item choices. Riot wishes to give them more varieties from one game to the next.

Tank Items

Tank players will soon have more item options with magic resistance, enhanced tank utility, and late-game capstone. Riot wants tank players to choose their own builds without sacrificing the ability of the items to provide defenses.

Enchanter Items

The current enchanter items ecosystem has overpowering items. The majority of items are imbalanced. Riot plans to create more items for new spaces and improve underused items.