Riot Games: Preseason Plans For Champion Rules, Item Classes

Riot Games: Preseason Plans For Champion Rules, Item Classes

The upcoming Worlds Championship will conclude the 2020 season of League of Legends. With a new season coming, Riot Games started preparing new items and champion changes. The developer detailed the possible changes for the 2021 season in a preview posted by the Summoner’s Rift Team last Monday on League of Legends’ official news site.

Here’s the first look at the changes Riot is making ahead of 2020:

League Items System (Top-To-Bottom Update)

Riot’s main goal is to achieve the following goals in the preseason:

  • Item purchasing is quick and intuitive
  • Every champion can make strategic decisions through item choices in every game
  • Item builds enable exciting ways to master your champion
  • Items feel epically powerful and enhance your champion’s fantasy
  • Iconic items are retained and you don’t have to relearn everything from scratch

Item Balance Framework

The previously-mentioned goals are difficult to achieve without a new and improved system. Hence, Riot introduces an Item Balance Framework packed with new classes of items.

Unlike Champion Balance Framework with four skill groups, the item edition targets a single, larger audience. Riot combines Skilled (Plat IV to Diamond III) and Elite (Diamond II to Challenger) bands to collect the data needed for improvements, experiments, and identification of purchasing patterns and item strengths. To fairly distribute the classes, here are the two new item tiers in the game:

Mythic Items – A powerful new class of items that will be the cornerstone of the player’s item builds. A player can only wield one Mythic at a time, possibly as the first purchase. Mythics tend to have greater effects and build implications than the rest of the player’s item purchases, especially because they grant unique bonus stats to other Legendary items. Mythic choices should vary from game to game depending on circumstance.

Legendary Items – Completed items that are a tier below Mythics. This class covers the player’s Guardian Angel, Lich Bane, or Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. Legendary items are previously the strongest tier of items in League.

Champion-Specific Rules

For the 2021 season, Riot plans to ensure that individual champions have good strategic choices and diverse item compatibilities. As such, there are new rules to follow when matching items to champions:

  • No champion should buy the same Mythic > 75% of the time
  • No champion should have a single Mythic with a > 6% win rate higher than all their other options