Riot Games Deals With Major LoL Champion Select Bug

Riot Games moves forward on its clean-up campaign for the League of Legends game client. The tech company’s LoL dev team revealed that they are working on solutions for a major bug affecting the champion select phase of the game. The process is one of the developer’s high-priority areas this year.

The said bug stops players from selecting their characters in time. Apparently, the game’s launcher has a bizarre bug that appears on the champion select phase and prevents players from locking in their desired character before the match begins. This is extremely frustrating for LoL players as failure to select characters in time costs LP and triggers the AFK penalty timer. Punished players had to wait again before they could queue up on the server.

To fix the bug and continue their efforts towards other areas of the game client, Riot’s dev team has now shifted their manpower and resources to the champion select phase and its primary issues. Riot’s game developer and communications lead Ryan ‘Cactopus’ Rigney highlighted the plans and their three main commitments:

1. Make champ select streamlined and more reliable.

Players have long been asking for a faster champ select loading phase. Riot plans to refactor existing components to improve responsiveness, reduce memory consumption, simplify architecture, and cut down on unintentional dodges. The ultimate goal is to get the response time for features like the “lock-in” button down to under 100ms, even for players in the 90th percentile.

2. Re-evaluate the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of champ select.

The dev team will work with the design team to see where they can remove or streamline low-value, poor-performing animations, and resource-intensive components.

3. Address as many known bugs as possible.

The bug affecting the champion select launcher is a major problem, but there are other minor bugs in the game client that also affect players’ overall gaming experience. Riot will prioritize their efforts on them by the level of problem they cause.

The process will take a couple of months to finish, but Riot vowed to post updates and internal plans backed with honesty and transparency on League of Legends’ official page as the clean-up campaign progresses.