Lunarbets’ sole function is to offer the best online Sportsbook. No poker or casino games to distract you from your main focus: Lunarbets LoL betting. Sports and only sports is the site’s main niche. Read and learn more about this sportsbook through our all-embracing Lunarbets review and find out how the brand made its way to our Bitcoin LoL bet review list.

The moment you enter the Lunarbets’ website, you’re already on the playing field. You’ll notice their big tagline “Sports betting done right” overlapping an image of a soccer field, and the “play now” button. Once you click this, you’ll be redirected to the list of all the sports available for betting and the bulletin board for featured events. You’ll always be notified of the latest updates concerning Lunarbets LoL betting.

Blue, fast, user-friendly. It’s important to say that Lunarbets is way ahead of other sports betting sites when it comes to interface and design. Very sleek, very technological advanced, yet very elementary. It looks cool—not the complicated cool but the easy cool. Why easy? They have a newbie tour video! It teaches you everything you need to know—from signing up to making deposits and withdrawing of payments.

Games and Software

Since Lunarbets’ main goal is to provide the most popular entertainment. You can bet on sports like badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, chess, American football, golf, handball, hockey, horse racing, MMA, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball and various sporting events. Expect to encounter major leagues like NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL. We bet you’ll be quite shocked to see some unorthodox sports like luge, bobsleigh, and drone racing, and some special events on politics and entertainment.

Lunarbets LoL odds and CSGO odds are on the top-tier of the esports section, followed by Dota 2 and Heroes of Storm.

Bonuses and Promotions

Currently, Lunarbets does not offer welcome bonuses and fixed promotions, but you can enjoy earning value-token or “Lunar Points” on their VIP program for every bet, then exchange these coins for free bets.

Another is their refer-a-friend program which allows you to get 0.04 % commission every time you recommend the site and successfully convinced another user to sign-up. Find a companion to enjoy Lunarbets LoL betting even more.

Payment Details

Withdrawals and deposits are all done through Bitcoin. You’ll have free transactions all the time and there is no minimum or maximum deposit amount. For deposits, three confirmation is needed and the transaction will most likely be finished in an hour or so. For withdrawal, small amounts will enter your Bitcoin wallet in a matter of seconds, but larger amounts may require authentication and approval.

Customer Support and Contact Information

You can access their 24/7 support through live chat and email. They also answer complaints and inquires on BitcoinTalk threads and Twitter. Many users commend their customer service for always being quick and responsive. This Lunarbets review applauds the site for its accommodating customer support representatives.


Despite not offering other games like casino and pokers, Lunarbets is a master of one. The wide-array of sports is out of this world and they maintain this image of the most popular Bitcoin-exclusive Sportsbook. It’s here on our Bitcoin Lol bet review to prosper and to stay. If you don’t mind the lack of poker tables and few confirmations, you can sign-up now and place your Lunarbets LoL bet.


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