Making Money From Tips And Tipster Competition Promos


Tipsters are somehow treated as experts and fortune-tellers in the betting industry. They are the insiders, and they are more knowledgeable than beginner and advanced bettors combined. Anyone can be a tipster if one knows how to research, pick, and nitpick information. You can be one and earn money out of it. Here are the ways on how to make money from betting tips and tipster competition promos.

Provide Consistent Tips

Providing consistent tips can help you build a profile. Preferably, provide daily tips. Bettors who are looking for tips usually bet once a week, most of them bet during the weekends. These bettors often us smartphones for betting, and they always browse for betting tips. They seek the help of tipsters on a daily basis. So if you’re just starting out, do not consider what kind of tipster you want to be before you make tips on a regular basis.

Daily tips are preferred because bettors will demand your tips each week, especially high roller bettors who have endless money to use for betting. They will look for different tipsters and not come back to you if you missed a single day or week. Make your tips regularly available, and grow your pool of followers.

Make Consistent Winning Tips

Since you’re following the first step, you’d make a lot of tips every week. If they were all losing tips, then you’d lose your followers or you wouldn’t get many followers. You need to provide winning tips to help bettors make a profit and turn your betting tips into cash. To help you make more accurate matches as your tipping career progresses, organize your tips and record every tip you make. Analyze the result each week and see which market you are most frequently picking winners in. Is it in League of Legends World Championship or Tencent League of Legends Pro League? This could also help you organize all your tips for tipster online competition promos.

Join Multiple Tipster Competitions

Tipster competition promos are used by tipping sites to promote their brands, promote other bookmakers, and earn a profit. If you’re a tipster, you can also earn money through these competitions, provided that you can consistently make accurate and winning tips. If you win, these tipping sites offer free skins, free bets, and other rewards. There are also competitions with large prize pools. Build your profile at these tipping sites and start making regular tips.