LoL Patch 10.14 Preview: System Updates, Nerfs, Buffs

LoL Patch 10.14 Preview: System Updates, Nerfs, Buffs

League of Legends Patch 10.14, the next set of updates for the game’s mid-season changes, is on its way. It includes system updates, nerfs, and buffs. Riot promised to improve the features and abilities of less popular players, particularly Zed, Pyke, and Karthus.

Mark “Riot Scruffy” Yetter, the Lead Gameplay Designer of League of Legends, posted the preview of the patch update on his official Twitter account:

“10.14 Patch Preview here. Some changelists are in but I’ll have the full list from the team tomorrow. Worth noting – ghost and predator are here as follow-ups from our last round of changes which ended up slightly nerfing them.”

System Updates

The buffs for Ghost and Predator runes affect the entire system of the game. These are follow-up updates from the previous patch, according to Riot Scruffy. Both runes received an increase in movement speed (20 to 40 to 24 to 48).


Less popular champions will receive nerfs to attract new players. Riot Scruffy mentioned Volibear, Varus, Pyke Mid, Wukong, Trundle, and Ezreal in his announcement. Although the preview didn’t mention the possible changes or target features, we can expect an increase in health rate, movement speed, magic resist, and armor protection. All in all, expect these adjustments to affect your LoL Bitcoin betting predictions. Seeing the less popular champions now might give a team a bigger advantage over the other.


The buffs are some of the major updates in the new patch. 10.14 will specifically target Pyke Support, Karthus Mid, Kha’Zix, Sejuani, Zed, and Alistar to balance the champion pools. Riot Scruffy didn’t elaborate on the possible targets of the buff, but all eyes are on Pyke, Karthus, and Zed as players have been waiting for their updates for a while now.

Pyke Support – Pyke Mid is getting nerfed because he’s been a reliable mid champion since his release. His support role, however, is lacking. Riot is expected to focus on counters, runes, and combos.

Karthus Mid – Players noticed that Karthus Mid can’t trade blows with other mages in the mid lane, so Riot might increase his movement speed, damage, and mana restore.

Zed – Based on the new updates for his fellow assassins like Talon and Diana, Zed might be receiving a better wave clear so he can roam around smoothly.