LoL Champion Roadmap Teases Two New Champions

Description: League of Legends' latest champion roadmap for 2020 teases two new champions next year and a major update for Dr. Mundo's VGU.

Riot Games prepared more surprises for the League of Legends community before the year ends. In a recent blog post published by the dev team, Riot reveals a new champion roadmap for September 2020.

For the remaining months of 2020, the dev team plans to focus on releasing teasers for a handful of new champions and an official update for Dr. Mundo. This is preceded by plans for champion rules and item classes. Riot Games vowed to release six champions a year and further develop the champions’ lore. So far, we have a top laner (Sett), a jungler (Lillia), a melee mid laner (Yone), and an ADC (Samira). That leaves the dev team with two more champions representing a mid-lane mage and a support to conclude the roadmap.

Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles, the head of the dev team, confirmed that the two champions are on their way and Riot’s plans are right on schedule:

“I’m happy to say we’re on track for (but as always, things could change). Also, just because we are focusing on new champions doesn’t mean we have forgotten about VGUs. Dr. Mundo’s update is in full swing right now, as is early work on another unannounced champion update.”

The two champions are described by Riot as a “rising star” and an “iron-willed criminal”. Both will be officially released next year, but the LoL community can expect more teasers in the coming months.

Riot said that the rising star champion will appeal to players who are willing to do anything to achieve their goals and get what they want.

“If you are willing to do anything, you may just find yourself falling for our romantic new jungle skirmisher, who will be twisting hearts and possessing minds early next year,” the teaser said.

The iron-willed criminal, meanwhile, is described as some crucial character being hunted by an empire.

“The empire will pay greatly for the capture and detainment of this runaway criminal. The fugitive is EXTREMELY dangerous, so approach with caution. They are heavily armored and will attack if even slightly provoked,” the teaser said.

While the two new champions are being crafted by the dev team, updates for Dr. Mundo’s VGU will go live on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). The updates cover the champion’s early ideation phase.