LoL Bitcoin Betting Systems

What makes a successful strategy? A system that works.

LoL Bitcoin betting systems are part of your requirements when joining LoL Bitcoin betting. In this way, having a bet would never be a risk. These are structured approaches to gambling that gives you the “house edge” or your built-in advantage.

Betting systems are always predicted based on statistical computations and analysis of the teams involved. This includes the compilation of the players’ information, forms of the teams, and their proven track records. All you have to do is take a look at all the data the system laid out for you, but you also need to consider these factors:


The same process you do on looking for the most reliable site with LoL Bitcoin betting odds is the same process you have to follow to check if LoL Bitcoin betting systems would be beneficial to you or not. Check if other bettors already tried this system and if they have failed or succeeded.


Statistical probabilities are still probabilities until proven. That’s why LoL Bitcoin betting systems are not 100% percent accurate. The decision to bet is still up to you but do not ignore the fact that these approaches are structured. And there are really high chances of winning when you follow the system. - LoL Bitcoin betting systems


  • Martingale – oldest and most common type of system that can boost your LoL Bitcoin betting predictions. You make a bet and if you win, you bet the same amount of money you wager on the first round. But if you lose, you double the amount.
    All-in – probably the most unrealistic of all the betting system. You’re not advisable to follow this system unless you’re really confident on your favored team because you’re betting all the Bitcoins in your wallet — your entire bankroll.
  • Fixed wager or fixed stake – bet the same amount on each, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the match.
    Proportional – considered as one of the most effective since you’re betting a fraction of your Bitcoin wallet —- not too small, not too big. But when you’re winning, it gets bigger. When you’re losing, it gets smaller.
  • Fibonacci – a negative progression betting system and slightly similar to Martingale. If you lose, you place a bet amounting to the total of your previous bets in order to minimize your losses. If you win, you always start over on the amount of your first bet.