LoL Bitcoin Betting Odds

With LoL Bitcoin betting, the number of players and viewers in LoL tournaments tremendously increase every day. The professional leagues are the heart and brain of the game, and you would be basing your LoL Bitcoin betting odds on them — how likely you’re going to win and how many bitcoins you’re going to earn. It’s the chance that you will measure using ratio or percentage.

While bookmakers provide the market, we strive to get you the most accurate statistics and relevant information about the tournaments to improve your LoL Bitcoin betting predictions and picks. There are some bookies who get it wrong, avoid stumbling upon them.

Types of Odds

The format for LoL Bitcoin betting odds can vary depending on which part of the world you live in. It could be Decimal or Fractional.

  • Decimal odds – used on esports betting, show how much you will win by multiplying the decimal to your stake. Your stake will automatically be included in your returns.
  • Fractional odds – show how much you will win on a bet compared to how much money you wager on it. The first number in the fraction shows how much you will win if you place the amount shown in the second number.

Calculating Decimal Odds

Type of bet: “Who will win the match?”

TEAM A: 2.380
TEAM B: 1.666

Betting per match is the most common type of bet. In this example, it shows that Team has a higher chance of winning than Team B. If you bet 2 BTC on Team A, your potential returns would be 4.76 BTC because:

Odds x stake = return
2.380 x 2 BTC = 4.76 BTC

Decimal odds calculation includes your stake in your returns so your profit would be 2.76 BTC.

If you bet 1 BTC on Team B, your potential returns would be 1.666 BTC and your profit would be 0.66 BTC. - LoL Bitcoin betting odds


LoL Bitcoin betting odds are constantly changing as new information comes into play so make sure you’re not being confident or impulsive every match. Know when to place your bet. Always follow our LoL Bitcoin betting tips to avoid this mentality and learn more about effective betting strategies.