LoL Gambling Sites

The rise of esports betting and gambling is the answer to the continued success of Bitcoin, and it’s a good thing that LoL gambling sites penetrated the market. These LoL betting sites exist to allow spectators to bet on events and tournaments the same way they would on NBA and NFL. Now there is an annual LoL World Championship being attended by millions of people around the world.

Dos and Don’ts

These LoL gambling sites will serve as your platform —- your playing field. They will provide the events and tournaments on the market for you to bet on. But the amount of money that you’re going to win or lose is still the one at stake when you’re gambling. You need to be careful before registering and placing bets.

For your safety, make sure these sites are licensed by the Gambling Commission or any organization that has an authority. You should be able to see their license below the page or on “About Us” section. There may be country restrictions so take note of that too.

For your enjoyment, check out their selection of products. You might want to bet on other types of games and events other than LoL Championships from time to time. Also, the number of LoL matches and Bitcoin LoL odds can open up more chances of winning. Along with their selection, there comes the bonuses and promotions. Find the one contains both regular and seasonal promotions.

For your convenience, choose the one with various modes of payment and responsive customer support. However, if you’re fond of using betting on LoL with bitcoins, there are many Bitcoin-exclusive betting sites to choose from. As for the customer service support, check the page if they have an e-mail address, contact number, live-chat, and social networking sites. - LoL gambling sites


Responsible gambling is still the top priority of LoL gambling sites. If your favorite site is legit and licensed, we’re sure that they have a say on your welfare. Most sites you can find online features self-exclusion facility and recommends Gambling Counselling organizations such as GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous, and Gambling Therapy. LoL and other esports promotes responsibility and camaraderie, not addiction.