Betting on LoL

By betting on LoL, you don’t just enter the battle arena, you also make yourself part of the most viable market online — the esports community. The first step is, of course, to check the list of the most-reliable LoL betting sites online. Then pick the best one for you.

Mechanics of the Game

LoL has a fast-paced environment so all players should be smart and competitive. If you’re a beginner, you’ll definitely feel overwhelmed with all the information regarding characters, ranks, and keyboard shortcuts.

The game itself is played between two teams composed of five players each. Each player is a summoner and controls his own champion. A team wins by killing the other team’s Nexus or base. To do this, each player should select a solid champion and each team should protect their own base. As the game progresses, the team should enhance the defense mechanism of their Nexus. Players should also find opportunities to increase their champion’s experience.

Guides for Betting

It’s important to know that the LoL gambling sites or site you chose have a good selection of the largest and latest tournaments worldwide. You need to beat the odds. - Betting on LoL

Most sites give you three betting options. There’s the “Who Wins the Match” bet where you can wager on which team will win a specific round. They also have the “First Blood” bet that lets you predict which team will get the first kill on an enemy champion. Last but not the least is the “Who Wins the Tournament” bet which allows you to outright bet for the winner of the whole tournament. The Bitcoin LoL odds will differ on the number of teams competing.

Betting on LoL or anything on your Bitcoin sportsbook, for that matter, is not an easy task. With these various kinds of betting, predicting the final winning team all the time cannot always guarantee your victory. You also need to consider which team can win more rounds or which team has the strongest champions. Try to wager on all types of bet for more winning opportunities.

Now that we have introduced you to all the basic information about betting on Lol, you can now maximize your LoL odds online.