Leona And Ezreal Are The LoL Worlds 2020 Top-Performing Champions

Leona And Ezreal Are The LoL Worlds 2020 Top-Performing Champions

The League of Legends World Championship 2020 is on its way to the grand finals. On October 31, we will witness the best team of the year crowned with the pinnacle prize across the LoL competitive scene. As the final battle approaches, let’s talk about the best champions who have dominated the main event in Worlds 2020.

Based on statistics from various game publishers monitoring one of the biggest esports tournaments in the world, champions Leona and Ezreal are the two top-performing champions in the Worlds 2020 main event.

The two showed exemplary performances in the bot lane and conjured up a 60 percent win rate or greater in the main event. These statistics, however, don’t include the tournament’s play-in stage.

Leona, The Radiant Dawn

Holy warrior Leona, the No.1 champion, has won 16 out of her 21 games in the main event. She was played by professional players for an impressive 76 percent win rate. In this past weekend’s semifinals between G2 Esports and Damwon Gaming, and Top Esports and Suning alone, Leona won all six of her games.

Leona is one of the best support champions in the pool today. Her ability to tank, engage, take crowd control and skirmish allow teams and players to create early-game advantages against their opponents.

Leona’s flat damage reduction also allows her to engage in teamfights without being cornered or punished. Her CC always grants her level-one advantage, while her ultimate gives her lane priority.

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer

Dashing adventurer Ezreal, meanwhile, has won 12 and lost seven games in the main event. All in all, he earned a 63 percent win rate. He’s now considered as one of the best marksmen in the pool today.

According to most players, Ezreal is generally a weak laner. But with the help of one team’s lineup of support champions, he’s a completely different champion. Once Ezreal reached his level-six spike, players can see the full potential of his Trueshot Barrage. Ezreal’s ultimates provide players a quick burst of damage that can kill two or more opponents.

It’s still unknown whether Suning and Damwon, the grand finalists, will once again utilize Leona and Ezreal. The final decision is up to the support players of both teams.