LEC Spring Split Playoffs Format And Matchups

LEC Spring Split Playoffs Format And Matchups

The regular season of League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Spring Split has concluded. The remaining teams will now enter the playoffs and settle the overall regional winner in the grand final. Check out the LoL odds for the anticipated matches in the playoffs. But before they do that, let’s take a look at the dominating and bottom teams in the regular season, and how Riot Games determined the playoffs format based on their performances.

Dominating Teams

G2 Esports remains the top team in the region. Finishing the Spring Split regular season in the first place, G2 had the upper hand when it comes to playoffs’ schedule and matchups. LEC based the playoffs schedule on G2’s first chosen opponent in this stage, MAD Lions. The opening stage is on April 3.

Following G2’s ranking are Fnatic and Origen. Although both teams suffered some losses in the remaining stage of the regular season, they started strong. And besides, the last games have no bearing in the next stage. Fnatic and Origen will face each other in the playoffs. The losing team still has a chance to compete in the lower bracket.

Bottom Teams

Compared to the positions of Fnatic and Origen, Misfits Gaming and Rogue aren’t so lucky. The two teams had a rough start, and they’ll face each other in the playoffs as rivals. The losing team has no chance of redemption, while the winning team can still play against other losing teams.

MAD Lions, meanwhile, had to face G2 Esports in the playoffs. G2’s star jungler Jankos confirmed that the team’s decision was based on MAD Lion’s overall regular-season performance. MAD Lions is simply the lowest-ranking team entering the playoffs stage, while other teams have a shot in the grand final.

Playoffs Format

G2 Esports VS. Mad Lions

Fnatic VS. Origen

Misfits Gaming VS. Rogue

Winner of Match 3
Loser of Match 1 / 2

Winner of Match 1
Winner of Match 2

Loser of Match 1 / 2
Winner of Match 4

Semifinal – BO5
Loser of Match 5
Winner of Match 6

Grand Final – BO5
Winner of Match 5
Winner of the Semifinal