LCSPA Players Wish To Cancel The 2020 LCS Spring Split

LCSPA Players Request To Cancel The 2020 LCS Spring Split

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Riot Game’s final decision for the 2020 LCS Spring Split is to hold an online format and finish the entire tournament in 2020. However, it was recently reported that the majority of LCS Players Association voted to cancel the season altogether.

Initially, Riot Games was only considering two options: canceling the entire split or moving to a remote solution via online play. However, the COVID-19 outbreak is getting worse by the day. With that, Travis Gafford, League of Legends independent correspondent and content creator, recently reported that Riot Games tapped the LCS Players Association (LCSPA) to get insights from players regarding the LCS Spring Split. As a response, the LCSPA published a poll to allow its members to cast their votes and share their opinion.

As an insider, Gafford revealed the following information on his official Youtube channel: “I now know that over 90 pros replied to the question, ‘Would you prefer if the Spring Split be canceled or go fully remote?’ And again, just under two-thirds said that they would prefer it to be canceled…After that, the Player’s Association emailed all the players and said, ‘Hey, we’re going to be providing the results of this poll to Riot to take into consideration.’”

Decision-making factors

Gafford reported that a huge chunk of the player’s association joined the poll. For this reason, their opinions matter and should be considered by Riot. When considering their reasons behind the decisions, however, it’s difficult to find the common denominator.

Many players said that the Spring Split has no huge effect in the entire League of Legends competitive season—it didn’t matter as much. Another group of players admitted that they are concerned about their safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, a group of international players revealed that they wanted to go back to their home country as several countries are starting to impose total lockdown to contain the virus.

Regardless of the result, a huge amount of players have legitimate decisions and personal reasons. It’s not about the competitive drive anymore. Gafford suggested that Riot Games should discuss the global situation and mental health of the players before making a final decision.