LCS 2021 Season Sees Major Changes, New Tournaments

LCS 2021 Season Sees Major Changes, New Tournaments

Riot Games releases new updates for the 2021 LCS season, including a new format with major structural changes. The new changes aim to improve North America’s competitive LoL environment and amateur ecosystem. In line with that, this also affects future Bitcoin LoL odds as the updates open up more possibilities during match-ups and unpredictable elements that are new even for experienced bettors.

“In 2021, the LCS is coming back with major changes to our season format. While format alone won’t drive international success, we believe these changes, combined with an overhauled amateur ecosystem, will help develop NA into the competitive region we all want it to be,” said Riot Games in a recent blog post published on the official LoL Esports website.

Here are the changes and new segments coming in the LCS next season:

LCS Lock-In

Riot Games introduces LCS Lock In, a three-week season kick-off tournament to determine the best team in 2021. The winning team earns a $150K winner-takes-all grand prize.

The tournament takes place from January 15 to 31. It starts with a group stage, where the top two teams (TSM and FlyQuest) from the previous year draft their opponents. Each group plays in a four-day, round-robin tournament. The top four teams from each group are then seeded into an eight-team, single-elimination bracket to finally crown the champion.

Regular Season Expansion

The 2021 season maintains its two parts, the Spring and Summer edition, so expect a continuous flow of betting markets on Bitcoin sportsbooks. However, all records from the two editions are computed as one to seed the end-of-summer LCS Championship winners.

The regular season begins with a shortened 6-week Spring Split consisting of a double round-robin tournament. After that, the Spring Playoffs and Finals now becomes the LCS Mid-Season Showdown. The Showdown determines the winner who earns the first LCS championship title to represent NA at the Mid-Season Invitational.

Next in line is the new Summer Split regular season, which now consists of a triple round-robin tournament over nine weeks. The Summer Split can give losing teams one more shot to dominate the North American division and set foot on the global stage.

LCS Championship

The entire competitive season for North America ends at the LCS Championship. The championship invites top-seeded teams from Spring and Summer combined. Here, the winner takes home the second official LCS championship title, and the top three teams qualify for the World Championship.