Game Mode ‘Nexus Blitz’ To Return In LoL’s Two New Patches

Game Mode 'Nexus Blitz' To Return In LoL's Two New Patches

Riot Games announced the return of Nexus Blitz, a popular experimental game mode in 2018, to League of Legends in two patches. Nexus Blitz goes live on patch 10.15 and 10.16 with various events and rewards later this season.

League of Legends game director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon led the announcement and discussion of Nexus Blitz in a blog post. Sharing the new updates for the game mode, Meddler said:

“We’re really excited to see what you all think of this updated version, both art and gameplay. It’s going to be out for two patches and our plan is to also have it return in the future again for other events. We’ll continue to work on Nexus Blitz over time, so would love your feedback on it to help with that.”

Here’s the list of Nexus Blitz events coming in LoL’s two patches:

Bardle Royale (Classic) – A survival battle in the flaming circle of death.

Bardle Royale (Paranoia) – A survival battle in the flaming circle of death where every player is nearsighted.

Bardle Royale (Juggernaut) – A survival battle in the flaming circle of death where one random champion on each team has a higher amount of health rate.

URF Deathmatch – A BO3 match where all players are in URF mode.

Loot Teemo – Teemo spawns randomly on the map with loot boxes filled with gold. The last team to hit Teemo wins the game.

Loot Veigar – Veigar also grants player gold, but he uses Dark Matter and Event Horizon while being chased.

Push the Cart (Classic) – The team that can escort the cart toward the nearest enemy structure and destroy it wins the game.

Push the Cart (Attack / Defend) – The team that can blow up an opponent’s structure the fastest while navigating a cart wins the game.

Prize Fight – A series of matches featuring teams paired in fights of 2v2 and 1v1.

King of the Hill – A map area where teams have to defend their positions and fend off opponents to win.

Protect the Soraka – Two Soraka bots are assigned in one lane. Teams have to protect their own Soraka, while destroying the opponent’s Soraka.

DPS Check – A practice game mode where two opposing teams can practice on the same Teemo bot.