Clash Returns This April With The Freljord Cup

Clash has been in and out of the Public Beta Environment (PBE) since Riot Games released it for League of Legends. Due to its complex game format, it needs to undergo several beta tests. This month, while Riot game developers work tirelessly at home, Clash has found its best formula yet. The game mode is ready to go online with the introduction of the Freljord Cup.

Riot Brightmoon announced the return of Clash as a competitive tournament on Twitter, but it was Joe “New001” Tung, the Executive Vice President of League of Legends, who went into details on what the dev team is working on:

“We’re going to bring back Clash earlier than planned. And during this time, we’re going to run it more frequently as well. So, you and your friends can experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat together. Due to increased demand, serviceability is our primary focus right now. But as soon as we sense what additional capacity we need, we’ll update Clash schedules for every region around the world. So, stay tuned.”

The Return Of Clash

Although we are yet to see it more often in LoL betting sites, Clash is one of LoL’s most popular tournament styles because of its format and reward system. The game mode is a bracket-style tournament that welcomes average LoL players to experience pro play in their respective regions. Aside from friendships forged along the way, each team is guaranteed to play three matches and earn rewards whether they’re winners or losers. For this reason, Clash’s comeback is one of the most anticipated events in LoL.

Riot typically hosts a Clash tournament once a month—each one has its own beta test. Servers from different regions still encounter errors and bugs while playing Clash. The new Clash coming this April is almost free from errors, as Riot New001 promised. And it’s here to stay.

About The Freljord Cup

The Freljord Cup is a regularly-scheduled online tournament exclusively for Clash players around the world. It starts on Saturday, April 11, and brings in new collectible trophies and banners. Lock-in time is between 6:15 pm and 9 pm CT, depending on your team’s tier. The complete schedule is as follows:

Day 1: April 11
Day 2: April 12
Day 3: May 9
Day 4: May 10