Challengers Uprising Joins FACEIT Amateur-Level Circuit

Challengers Uprising Joins FACEIT Amateur-Level Circuit

Challengers Uprising, one of the most active tournament organizers in the North American amateur scene, partnered with FACEIT to host the Scouting Grounds Circuit (SGC) 2020, a series of NA League of Legend tournaments that serves as a ladder from amateur to pro competition.

Chris “Crono” Harris, CEO and Commissioner of Challengers Uprising, leads the groundbreaking collaborative project. Crono was the Director of Esports for ANEW Esports when the organization won the 2019 SGC for League of Legends.

In a recent press release, Crono announced the new series and shared his objectives in improving the North American League of Legends competitive scene: “There isn’t a clear path to pro, and the lack of resources results in North American talent getting pushed aside due to imports with better development structures. I want to bridge the divide and disrupt the perception that North America lacks talent by creating a true professional environment to nurture new talent. This season is just the beginning.”

FACEIT’s SCG series is divided into three tournaments. Each tournament is led by FACEIT’s partner organization. Aside from Challenger’s Uprising, Risen Champions League by Risen Esports and Focus Championship Series by Focus Esports are also part of the series.

About The Challenger’s Uprising

Challenger’s Uprising joins the series with a $15,000 prize pool and 1000 Qualification Points. Here are the tournament’s format and prize pool distribution:

Regular Season: Eight teams will come from the open qualifiers, while the other eight receive direct invites to the league. The 16 teams are divided into two groups. Each group competes in a single round-robin format with BO2 matches. The top four teams in each group qualify for playoffs. Of course, since amateur tournaments are becoming a popular feat in betting markets, there will be more LoL Bitcoin betting tips available which are specifically tuned to these matches.

Playoffs: Eight remaining teams compete in a single-elimination format. The semi-finals and finals are in BO5.

1st place – $7,500, 350 QP
2nd place – $3,750, 275 QP
3rd place – $2,250, 225 QP
4th place – $1,500, 150 QP

Challenger’s Uprising hasn’t released the complete list of participants yet, but some teams already confirmed their appearance, such as ANEW Esports (2019 SGC Winner), SUPERNOVA (2019 SGC Runners-Up), Maryville University (two-time College Championship Winners), 100 Thieves NEXT, Simplicity Esports, and Wildcard Gaming.